Saturday, October 22, 2011

existence pondered

Is existence not what one believes it to be? Is it weighted or winged? Grounded or harnessed for flight? Solid or insubstantial, responding to mere whimsy? I haven't answers, just more questions.

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existence, mixed media

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

new shadow box series

dawn in 4 acts is a 4-box series born in 2 of my passions: running and birds. It's an odd combination. I'm a birder in motion; a birder before daybreak. So I know the distinctive chirps and flutterings of the early birds. My pace and hour of birding aren't conducive to learning the distinctive crown stripe that distinguishes one warbler from another. Still I marvel at how little light is needed to recognize many birds. In each shadow box, my drawings, constructions, and found elements evoke the spirit and ways, place and hour of a bird I know well.

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dawn: act 1
cardinal: flitting, paired and private

dawn: act 2
mourning dove: subtle, soft, sorrowful pairs

dawn: act 3
American crow: harsh, raw, committed to clan

dawn: act 4
American robin: brisk, purposeful flocks

dawn: act 4, detail