Tuesday, March 13, 2012

entangled: jewelry by Pat Callahan

entangled jewelry is as elegant as pearls and as unpretentious as buttons. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, well-crafted, and inventive, often repurposing found elements. It’s a lovely way to recycle.

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Pearlescent. In this asymmetrical statement, small cultured pearls step the length of shimmery silk-cord braid to a ringed cultured-pearl cluster that counter balances two vintage carved-shell buttons. The necklace is 30 inches in length.
Milky way. On a length of silk-cord braid, small cultured-pearl dangles and a petal button dance against two large, milky-smooth shell buttons. This artful necklace is 32 inches in length.
Pearly pyramid. Simple white buttons stack to a sophisticated statement as the pendant on this 24-inch necklace. The recycling continues with the metal bead opposite one more button. Findings and chain are USA-made natural brass.

Sophistication in sage. A trio of fired-glass beads step from a vintage shell button to a serpentine pendant. This refined silk-cord braid necklace is 21 inches in length and pairs with serpentine dangle earring. Findings are USA-made natural brass.

Mixed medal fare. Delicate industrial chic, this 20-inch necklace mixes found metal pieces and chain, some recycled, some not, and some USA-made natural brass chain. The earrings swing with the same mix.

Sacred Heart medallion. This dramatic medallion is a never-to-be-repeated construction, combining vintage jet buttons, repurposed buttons and jewelry pieces, an antique rosary medal, and even a zipper pull. The rollo chain and findings are USA-made natural brass.

Deep blue beauty. One large and luxurious blue button underscored by a constellation of smokey glass beads and tiny blue buttons commands this necklace of 31-inch length. The offset, matching button floats on silk-cord braid as a blue moon to its mystical planet.

Wear a bit of whimsy. Glass beads skitter along a silk-cord braid between a robin-egg-blue Peruvian opal at one end and delightful polka dot bead at the other. A button-stack pendant completes this clever blue-green necklace, 32 inches in length. The earrings extend the polka-dot delight. Findings are USA-made natural brass.

Three in line. Small cultured pearls trim a silk-cord braid adorned with three mother-of-pearl buttons of ascending size--all just right. A ringed cluster of cultured pearls and a single Peruvian open hold center. 3.5 inches of natural brass chain bridges the braid ends for a total necklace length of 34 inches.

Mauve riches. A button-stack pendant hangs from luscious silk-cord braid as a simple lilac button stands counterpoint. The fire agate finale on this unique 22-inch necklace repeats in coordinating dangle earrings. Findings are USA-made natural brass.