Saturday, June 5, 2010

shadow box trio completed

This series of shadow boxes explores the multiple and conflicting roles a woman juggles. The roles are mythic and modern; the conflicts, seemingly inescapable.

titles: not the pedestal i imagined, not the balance i sought, and not the role i pursued.

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  1. Pat, these 3 are a wonderful series. As with your past shadow boxes, these three are a delight to the senses, making me want to step inside the works. The use of the fabrics are an immediate way to "feminize" the subject matter. As a big fan of your work, I am especially intrigued with the use of the pastel figure studies in these 3 boxes-- the translucent aspect of the figures creates an ephemeral quality that keeps me returning to the image... much like a dream I am trying to decipher. Great job on these!

  2. Looking Good Lady. Glad to have a place to come see what you are creating, now that I can't just walk down the hall.

  3. Would love to see pictures of your jewelry.