Saturday, December 4, 2010

order of the dragon

I’ve created a medal, the order of the dragon, to award to my brother-in-law for bravery, skill, and daring shown as he drove the narrow, rock-walled roads of western Ireland where steel dragons (tour buses) prowled. Thank you, John!

click image to enlarge


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  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Yes, that dog tag garment is amazing and so powerful. As obvious as it is, it does not actually overpower the room. The other work holds its own and adds to the atmospheric sense created in the space. I could have stayed there all day. Anselm Kiefer's piece totally blew me away too.
    Keep blogging. It sort of works like an extension of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. There's something subtle and fulfilling in using the Internet as a creative tool.