Sunday, September 8, 2013

Metal works

I marvel at the raw material harvested from our city’s pavement: beautifully broken, folded, weathered, and abraded metal; automotive widgets and hardware whatnots; delightfully ordinary and curiously odd; discarded, lost, missed? I’d say found. These recently crafted necklaces incorporate particularly beautiful and unique metal findings.

the perfect twist: This found wire piece polished into a rhythmic copper wrapped beauty and is paired with copper and natural brass chain.

hex sculpture: This found piece was machined for specific function, and beautifully machined it was. Found hex nuts echo its facets. Recycled chain completes the ensemble. 

brass lashed in black: Leather cord joining found brass elements, recycled jet beads, recycled chain, and natural brass chain combine in curious yet classic style. 

tool cool: Machined for function this found tool piece is satisfyingly solid and pleasingly shaped. Its mix of metal is repeated with natural brass rollo chain and findings, and recycled chain and jewelry elements. The earrlngs likewise mix hardware, jewelry elements, and metals.

rounded brass: This trio of found pieces is perfect in combination. A brass key broken and worn hangs between 2 washers from a Freirich snake chain.

brass hex slip: For this statement in machined brass luster, a found hex nut and valve hang on recycled curb chain. The earrings recycle bar and curb chains, found hex nuts, and beads.

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